Tasty Recipes, Limited Ingredients

Creating fun and delicious GERD friendly recipes in my home! Check the link below for all my recipes!

About Me

I love food, so when I was diagnosed with GERD, I was crushed, because so much of the food I loved I could no longer eat. I was even more frustrated when I quickly out that there weren’t many free sites that had recipes that fit my new diet. I made it my mission to attempt to come up with some new fresh recipes and remake some classics with GERD/acid friendly ingredients. I am in no way a professional cook and I don’t have a professional camera, so I might do some methods that are not considered traditional, and some photos might not be the best. New recipes come out every Friday!

*Everyone has different triggers when it comes to GERD or LPR, most of these recipes reflect my own triggers, and ingredients can easily be substituted if needed.